Safer Beauty

bcWhile putting healthy, clean foods and supplements in our bodies is foundational to overall      health and wellness, we also need to be mindful of the things we put on our body. Beauty  products are one of the leading ways people (especially women, but men too!) expose themselves to chemicals and toxins. Just because we are not ingesting lotions, cleansers, and makeup, does not mean they do not impact our health. Our skin absorbs what we put on it and when we live in a country that allows countless toxic ingredients in our beauty products, we need to take the initiative to find safer, cleaner products.

Because I believe this is so important, I offer a line of safer beauty products for the whole family. These products are not only safe, but they work too!

You can find all of the products at the link below. If you have questions on any of them or would like a sample (please note: samples not available for every product), please let me know!

Click HERE  to shop for safe beauty products for your whole family!


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