Whether you want a complete nutritional plan or are just looking for guidance on what supplements to take, we have options for you.


Complete 2-hour Initial Consult and Follow-up Visits

With the face-paced lives so many of us live and all of the confusing health information we are fed through the media, it can be very difficult to figure out what is best for you as an individual.  Practical Nutrition is here to give you answers and guide you in putting together a plan that fits your lifestyle and at the same time helps you accomplish your health goals, including preventing future problems or managing a current issue.


Whether you  or someone in your family struggles with compulsive eating, weight, allergies, cholesterol or blood sugar problems, digestive distress, anxiety and depression, memory and focus issues, or food sensitivities, the experienced instruction at Practical Nutrition can meet your needs. (click here to see a more complete list of health issues we work with)


During your initial appointment we will spend a good amount of time evaluating your health history and current status of health.  Because each area of your body is involved in your overall health we look at the whole picture so we can put together a plan that will address all of your needs.  We will then spend time teaching you how imbalances have occurred or could occur and help you understand the steps that need to take place to restore balance.  This time will include putting together and individualized meal plan with recipes and tips for making it all work.  If necessary, we will discuss nutrients that would optimize your path to wellness.


People who have ongoing support from their nutritionist are usually the most successful.  Follow-up appointments are either 30 or 60 minutes and are available as a tool to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals.  Follow-up appointments also have the option to include grocery shopping assistance or more in-depth menu planning.  The frequency of follow-ups will vary with each individual and will be discussed with your nutritionist on an on-going basis.


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  1. steve sandstrom says:

    hi christina, you resently talked at my work,you talked about some vitamens,fish oil,b6,b12,folic acid,and coq10 w2ould like to know the best place to buy these at i live in paul,and work long hours in bloomington,most of my day time is in bloomington so that area would be best thank you steve

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