Grocery Shopping

Do you ever walk into the grocery store and wonder what in the world you should buy?  There are many things that go through peoples minds as they choose what to put in their cart: calories, fat grams, what will my family like, what to do with vegetables, and ingredients  to avoid.

If grocery shopping is stressful for you and you would love to have someone give you some guidance, than an appointment at your local grocery store is what you need.  Our nutritionist will meet you at your store, and in an hour walk you through the store answering your questions and giving you tips on the best things to fill your cart with and how to prepare them.

Give us a call today to schedule your personal grocery shopping guide: 651-335-2334.


As a nutritionist, I am not engaged in the diagnosis or medical treatment of disease. This must remain under the guidance of your primary health care practitioner.  However, working in concert with the advice of your physician, we can create an ideal nutrition program which we feel is an essential part of giving your body the ideal environment in which to heal.

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